Franck Dadure (FR) & Soheil Peyghambari (IR)
Ikejime pechon

Franck Dadure (France) and Soheil Peyghambari (Iran) met via the internet. After a first remote production, they are invited to improvise in the show Tapage Nocturne by Bruno Letort on France Musique: The IKEJIME duo is created.

Franck Dadure (France) et Soheil  Peyghambari (Iran) se sont rencontrés via internet. Après une première production à distance, ils sont invités à improviser dans l’émission Tapage Nocturne de Bruno Letort sur France Musique: Le duo IKEJIME est créé. 

Piste 1: Taksim Setar Machine 

Piste 2: Bogaz Vapur
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Franck Dadure French composer, musician, producer, and improviser Franck  is illustrated under various pseudonyms as much in the experimental electroacoustic as in a futuristic and creative Jazz with his group « The Fakir Orchestra » as well as in multiple satellite projects.Franck Dadure has recorded two albums in the Signature / Radio France collection: ("Tako Mitsu" ,  REF SIGNATURE11095 (2016) & «Mélodies lunatiques"  REF SIGNATURE 11074 (2012) Soheil Peyghambari Multi instrumentalist (clarinet, wood) and Iranian composer, Soheil Peyghambari was named best fusion music album of the year, for the album « Assumption (Gamāneh) », by the FIMF festival in 2015. He joined the « Quartet Diminished » in 2016 and released the album « Station Two » in 2018 under the label Hermes Records. 

Piste 3 : improvisation à Radio France