sound artist, improviser, composer

improvised electricity passenger, trash poetry, hairy cosmonaut with S.Dali electric guitar, distorted divinatoire Voodoo Senza, sonic underground between London & Tokyo, industrial-electro-acoustic-computer-cake, Avant-garde-à-toi, hazardous sound experimentations, trip-Hopper paint, Ambient life sous le plancher, cup of tea with attic citizens, foggy atmosphere in undetermined soundscapes, unsafe Jeronimus Bosh Analog machines, Jack Vance effects pedals, 220 volts electrified cool Turkish Baths (we see your skeleton,a beautiful masterpiece of art)

Living between Paris and the Cotentin peninsula Franck Dadure is an improviser composer musician (guitar/saxsoprano/doublebass clarinet,electronic) with many projects (the Fakir Orchestra, Antenna en fer, Ikéjimé …), he works regularly with France Musique Radio:                 2 albums on the Signature Label of Radio France, and gives concerts in Europe, Asia, Canada with diferent bands or as a soloist.

Vivant entre Paris et la péninsule du Cotentin, Franck Dadure est compositeur improvisateur multi- instrumentiste (guitare/sax soprano/clarinetes contrebasse, électroniques) aux nombreux projets (the Fakir Orchestra, Antenne en fer…),travaille régulièrement avec France Musique : 2 albums sur le Label Signature de Radio France, habillage d’émissions, et donne des concerts en Europe, en Asie, au Canada avec ses diférents groupes ou en solo.
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