« I play Guitar »:

Solo electric guitar performance-concert influenced by music from North India, Orient sound, Jazz, Contemporary Music. Original creation and interpretation by Franck Dadure.

Sound description:  improvised passenger, underground soundtrack, hairy cosmonaut with Salvador Delay electric guitar, distorted Voodoo Sanza, night train between London & Tokyo, industrial electro-acoustic poetry,  Avant-garde-à-toi, sonic hazardous experimentations, trip-Hopper paint, Ambient cup of tea with attic citizens, warm atmosphere,  large recordfields soundscapes, unsafe Jeronimus Bosh Analog machines, Jack Vance effects pedals,  220 volts bass lines (we see your skeleton, it’s a masterpiece of Art)

(some pieces to listen to)

Quick Biography – Eclectic composer and multi-instrumentalist Franck Dadure is at the origin of numerous concert and record projects, notably 2 albums (« Mélodies Lunatiques » and « Tako Mitsu ») with the Signature label of Éditions de Radio France, recorded in the studios of the Maison de la Radio. His productions and compositions include designs for Radio and TV broadcasts, titles for renowned international compilations, songs, electro-acoustic instrumental pieces…and numerous concert groups which regularly take him around the Globe (China/ Canada/Romania/Indian Ocean/Swiss/Europe)

communiqué de presse:
Architect of sound waves, Franck (France Musique/Radio France, Signature/Pschent/Wagram/Emi labels…) invents ephemeral electro-acoustic buildings live. An unpredictable live performance, a radiant sound spectrum in perpetual renewal: Spatial electric guitars, electrified Turkish Clarinet, bows, resonant metals, and homemade phonic devices. A hypnotic space-time in science fiction territory.