The Fakir Orchestra (4/5 tet)

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Franck Dadure is a French composer, musician, improviser,producer living between Paris & the Cotentn Peninsula. He works as in the electro acoustic  area under many aliases, than  free electro « jazz » with « The Fakir Orchestra »and many other alias – Open mind music no chapel, no border –

In the category of experimental creators, this specimen is worthy of special consideration. Producer and musician multicard, Franck Dadure sufers from a disorder that we will not seek to heal: he has a wandering identty. Firmly afirmed, but refusing to get bogged down in any square, she runs from one idea to another, virtuously praising the spirit of the staircase and the ricochet sound. Electronica, Middle Eastern groove, free, concrete or psychedelic music … From these labels, this iconoclast makes a cloud of confetis, a real party for loose heads and legs that do not hold in place, can beat his full. Shaking hard the etablished order, his electrifed Turkish clarinet and his prepared electric guitars deposit new truths in the ears of fans of unheard-of. And his machines and instruments tamper with transform his turnies into odes to disorder. It will be understood, Franck Dadure does better than give concerts: he commits intoxicating attacks on musical mores and poetic order .

(Festival Tombées de la nuit (Rennes FR)/ARS MUSICA festival- Bruxelles)