Franck Dadure – sound artist

Abstract 220V

ABSTRACT 220V (Sound performances &  Installations)

(Ymprovised Electric NoiseS):On the frontiers of experimentation and improvisation, Abstract 220V develops an unusual musical potion based on space electric guitar, Theremine-Eiffel Tower, senza-fuzz, radio waves, bows, resonant metals,and other electro-acoustic home made devices. A very electric solo live performance, totally free and unpredictable, a sound spectrum radiating in a perpetual movement.

(Performances Sonores & Installations)

Aux frontières de l’expérimentation et de l’improvisation, Abstract 220V élabore une potion musicale insolite à base de guitare électrique spatiale, Theremine-tour-Eiffel, senza-fuzz, ondes radio, archets, métaux résonnants, et autres dispositifs electro-acoustiques maison. Une performance live solo très électrique, totalement libre et imprévisible, un spectre sonore irradiant en mouvement perpétuel.

Abstract 220V. Garage Session from Abstract 220V on Vimeo.

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 improvised electricity passenger, trash poetry, hairy cosmonaut with S.Dali electric guitar, distorted divinatoire Voodoo Senza, sonic pipe between London & Tokyo, industrial-electro-acoustic-computer-cake, Avant-garde-à-toi, hazardous sound experimentations, trip-Hopper paint, Ambient life sous le plancher, cup of tea with attic citizens, foggy atmosphere in undetermined soundscapes, unsafe Jeronimus Bosh Analog machines, Jack Vance effects pedals, 220 volts electrified cool Turkish Baths (we see your skeleton,a beautiful masterpiece of art)

Dear Franck Dadure,  It is a pleasure to announce that your work "live in St paul de Vence"has been selected to be part of FILE Festival 2019 exhibition.  The event will take place at the SESI Gallery of  Art, in Sao Paulo city. It will be hold from June 26 to August 11, 2019. The online program will be launched during the exhibition opening, on June 25.

Live in St Paul de Vence:
Improvisation on an electric prepared guitar & homemade electronics  played by Franck Dadure and recorded live in a garden next door from the Maeght Foundation in St Paul-de-Vence, south of France.
Quite unexpectedly, The works of Chagall, Calder, Braque, Giacometti, Bury escaped from the neighboring Miró labyrinth, jumped over the border of separation, and took place among the audience, to attend the concert. We hear them very clearly in the recording manifest their hapiness many times. May they be thanked for this rare moment, as well as their authors, of course. F.D.

improvisation  guitare électrique préparée et électroniques homemade, par Franck Dadure et enregistrée live dans un jardin situé juste à côtéde la fondation Maeght à St Paul-de-Vence, dans le sud de la France.

De manière tout à fait inattendue, plusieurs oeuvres de Chagall, Calder, Braque, Giacometti, Bury se sont échappées du labyrinthe de Miró, ont sauté par dessus la haie de séparation, et ont pris place parmi le public pour assister au concert. On les entend d’ailleurs très distinctement dans l’enregistrement manifester leur contentement à de nombreuses reprises. Qu’elles soient ici remerciées  pour ce rare moment, ainsi que leurs auteurs, bien évidemment.