Antenne en Fer

Antenne en Fer, electro acoustic live sound performance
from La Hague Radio-active city  –A futuristic & poetic musical strange journey-
made with Computer-controllers+electro-acoustic DYI instruments, …

Sound description:

Open Mind Music, improvised electricity passenger, dark underground soundtrack, hairy cosmonaut with S.Dali electric guitar, distorted divinatoire Voodoo Sanza, sound night train between London & Tokyo, industrial electro acoustic, computer cake, Avant-garde-à-toi, électronique d’atelier, hazardous sound experimentations, trip-Hopper paint, Ambient life sous le plancher, cup of tea with attic citizens, warm atmosphere, large soundscapes, organic waves, unsafe Jeronimus Bosh Analog machines, Jack Vance effects pedals, 220 volts electrified cool Turkish Baths (we see your skeleton, it is beautiful masterpiece of art)-

sounds go to —> live performance, multidisciplanary events, Art installation, sound design for modern art places ,Radio art (eg: Radio France , France Musique, RFI, Qwartz music awards & sessions)